About me


“I started out in the early eighties as a film photographer.

My early romance with every roll of film was a drama of discovering something completely different to my expectations. The expectations that you build up in the time it takes to process the film are often totally opposite to what the final results are. Sometimes its bad, sometimes its good. Either way, the very nature of learning to shoot film was mostly like learning to play golf or having a love affair with a mad Spanish actress in a Almodovar movie.

I gave up photography 6 times in my twenties but eventually crawled back permanently to the love of the mystery and delight of the moment seeing my images for the first time. Every now and then luck, skill and subject matter would conspire to "blow my own mind" In that instant, hovering over the light box at the lab; I found my highest joy, my greatest purpose, the best of my talents.

I feel sorry for younger photographers who have never known this passion. Perhaps they do find something similar but it doesn't have the highs and lows of what we had.

I think that digital beats film for most things , but if you want to fill your heart with a little romance, shoot film and leave your digital camera at home.”



Born in 1961

Bethlehem Voortrekker High 1978

Pretoria Technicon 1981

Worked for Frank Gross 1981

First Exhibition: Market Gallery 1981

Army 1982-1983

Freelanced in Johannesburg 1984-1989

Shot stills and focus pulled on several movies

Second exhibition: Portraits in a Tent 1985

Third exhibition: Namaqualand 1987

Fourth exhibition: Flowers and plants 2001

General editorial and commercial work 1990 onwards

Media 24 Photographer of the year 2009

Media 24 award for best Visuals joint winner 2010

The Black studio opens March 2011

5th exhibition "Himba" March 2012

6th Exhibition: New creative work Nov 2012

Portrait series “Men” May 2013 -

"Trickshaw Pickshaw" Afrikaburn 2013

"The mutant studio" Afrikaburn 2015

Moved in to 89 Forest drive studio June 2017




Irving Penn

Paul Strand

Ansel Adams

Dorethea Lange

Annie Liebowitz

Jozef Koudelka

André Kertész

August Sander